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NVIDIA Kepler GK208 Core Equipped on GT 640 GDDR5 and GT 630 ZONE Edition GPUs

It was the last year’s news; NVIDIA was making a latest G2K08 core to power their upcoming graphics card. Many rumors were in the air regarding the new card that whether they would influence the high end or low end lineup of next generation cards and it seems the G2K08 was just a low end chip with high end compute capabilities of the GK110 core that would closed down to the new GT 640 and GT 630 graphics cards.

EVGA X79 Dark
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EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard Launched

EVGA has just launched its flagship socket LGA2011 motherboard, the X79 Dark (model: 150-SE-E789-KR). This motherboard is basically designed for open-air benches which require a case that can accommodate E-ATX motherboards measuring 304.8x263.5mm (LxW). It extracts power from a combination of 24-pin ATX input, two 8pin EPS inputs and a 6-pin PCIe input to keep the power steady for add-on cards. Surplus features are found on the motherboard for CPU and VGA over clockers. EVGA set out a brand new UEFI setup program interface in addition to onboard controls, EVBot support, consolidated voltage measurement points which first appeared with some of its finest Z-87 based motherboards.

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Xbox One’s Kinect Senser Won’t Plug Into PCs

Sometimes moves made by the Big names in the Tech industry get too complex that they get hard to comprehend. For instance, the decision reverted to bring Start button in Windows 8.1 but not the Start menu. Such steps limit the company being aggressive, and now news has been publicized that the second generation Kinect sensor (comes with Xbox One) isn’t going to plug into PCs, reason being it’s having a proprietary connector.

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Perfect Relationship Between a Man and the Internet

In spite of the obvious and undeniable progress of evolution, a man lives by his needs and instincts. If his requirements are met, a person is experiencing encouraging emotions and acquires some life energy. This is a natural response to a positive stimulus. Naturally, the needs are divided into inferior and superior ones. The internet is so firmly inserted into our lives that have eventually become a necessity, and often is listed as a superior one. On an equal basis with face-to-face communication, receiving information through reading books and newspapers, magazines, television viewing, staying online satisfies the human need for socialization. Thanks to the Internet and its wide spread people are now permanently free of the fear of loneliness. Internet is a source of positive emotions, and as a consequence, it provides us with life energy. This motivates a person to use the Internet further, again and again.

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Intel’s New CEO Interested in Company’s Efforts in Mobile and TV

Intel will now be headed by a new CEO who aims to make new strategic plans for the company. Brian Krzanich, who took over as a chief executive in May, believes that Intel has a great user interface and the fact that its compression-decompression technology is outstanding. He mentioned during an interview with Reuters at Intel headquarters that he is thinking about to accelerate the roll-out of chips for smart phones, tablets and wearable devices as consumers take a leap away from personal computers.

Compulab MintBox 2
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Compulab MintBox 2 Unveiled

The CompuLab and Linux Mint won’t dishearten on the front because they have just unveiled the MintBox 2 which is a big time improvement to their open source mini PC. It’s the second generation compressed desktop that runs Linux Mint out of the box. While the predecessor ran embedded chips like AMD E series ‘Zacate’ APUs, the latest version gets its hands on Intel Core i5 that is allegedly four times faster than the AMD T56 present in the MintBox Pro . We personally presume that Compulab might be using mobile dual-core variants, which is considered to be four times as fast as an E-series APU.

BitFenix Ronin
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BitFenix Unveils Ronin PC Case

BitFenix, the leading PC hardware engineer, renowned for its contemporary models, has uncovered the latest creation to public - ATX chassis, Ronin. Leaving no room for the competitors it has matchless features such as enhanced coiling attributes, exclusive styling, DIY - friendly features and sensational BitFenix quality.

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Overclocking CPU Frequency on H87 and B85 Motherboards Made Possible with ASRock’s Non-Z OC

There was a rumor in the air that only K-series CPUs and Z-family platform are capable of being over-clocked. The avant-garde company ASRock has broken the restraint with a thrilling new feature called the Non-Z OC. With the help of this feature, overclockers can install their K-series CPUs to ASRocks Fatal 1ty H87 performance or H87 and B85 chipsets motherboards and start off with the over-clocking immediately.

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Tt eSPORTS Reveals CRONOS Gaming Headset

Along with the <a href="">VOLOS gaming mouse</a> we talked about yesterday Tt eSPORTS also revealed the CRONOS Gaming Headset. This headset is not only optimized for gaming use, but also for mobile use. That means you can easily connect to headset to your mobile device. Tt eSPORTS even includes a separate cables for PC and another set for mobile devices.

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: monsterITX

Welcome to another Case Mod Friday showcase! This week we have Tim Stokes monsterITX build. Here is what he had to say about it: I've built several ATX systems and decided this time around, I wanted to go mITX. I chose the Case Labs Mercury S3 case because I knew I wanted it to be a little monster. The focus for this case was to do subtle mods that kept the case looking for the most part stock, but adding touches that finished it out.

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