A Look At EVGA’s New Z270 Motherboards

We stopped by to visit EVGA at CES 2017. They had their brand new Z270 motherboards on display and we got a chance to learn more about them. EVGA’s Z270 lineup is made up of the Z270 Classified K, Z270 FTWK, and the Z270 Stinger.

So starting at the top of the product stack we have the Z270 Classified K, which is an E-ATX board so you are going to want to be sure it is going to fit inside your case. Compared to the other three boards the main features that set it apart is that it has Creative’s Core3D audio as well as Thunderbolt 3. The board is powered by dual 8-pin EPS connectors as well as a 24-pin ATX power connector. The ATX power connector is actually set at a 90 degree angle to make it easier to plug in. This board will retail for $299.


Moving down we have the Z270 FTWK. This board loses the Core3D audio and Thunderbolt 3, but keeps many of the great features of the Classified K. You still have on-board power and reset buttons, dual M.2 32 GB/s ports, a U.2 port, and much more. The Z270 FTWK will retail for $249.


Finally for those looking to build a small form factor machine EVGA has the Z270 Stinger. One really cool thing about this board is that it does have a U.2 port, something you don’t normally see on a small board like this. On the back of the Z270 Stinger you have a 32 Gb/s M.2 port. The Z270 Stinger will retail for $199.


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