Alphacool Takes Water Cooling Out of the PC With Eiswand

Most of the time there is no substitute for a full blown custom watercooling loop. Unfortunately there are many scenarios where installing internal water cooling is just simply inconvenient or not possible. Perhaps your case is too small to fit an adequate sized radiator, or maybe just getting the pump, res, and rad to fit is just too much. This is where Alphacool’s new Eiswand external cooling system comes to the rescue.

Built into the aluminum chassis of the Eiswand is an XT45 360mm radiator with a complement of 6 Eiswind fans, a pair of DC-LT 2400 low noise pumps, and a reservoir in the top. In the base there is a an led illuminated ring, a single molex connector for power and a pair of G1/4 ports.

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Essentially everything you need to cool your entire system is in a single stylishly designed cooling tower that can be easily connected and disconnected with a set of quick disconnects. It’s one of the cleanest solutions we’ve seen to get you to next level cooling without the hassle of installing the full loop inside the chassis.

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Eiswand should be available in March for $300-320.