Adesso Xtreme S2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the Xtreme S2 setup and ready to use is extremely easy. The first thing that you are going to want to do is charge it up. You can use the included microUSB to USB cable with any USB wall charger or even a USB port on a PC. When the indication LED is red that means that the speaker is charging, when it turns blue that means the speaker is completely charged.

Adesso Xtreme S2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

To turn the speaker on you hold down the center button on the top for three seconds. To put it in paring mode hold it down for another six seconds. The speaker will actually talk to you and tell you what mode it is in. In pairing mode the red and blue LEDs on the top of the device will blink alternatively as well. The speaker should show up on your smartphone as “Xtreme S2”, just select it to connect, no pass code is required. I had no issues getting the Xtreme S2 paired with my iPhone 5s.

Adesso Xtreme S2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Once paired you can go ahead and start listening to music or even make a phone call using the Xtreme S2. I have been using the Xtreme S2 for a couple of weeks now and it was used at a cookout and even on an all day boating trip. I was actually quite impressed with the sound quality of the speakers and it is definitely loud enough to fill and small to medium-sized room no problem. The bass is actually pretty powerful and the speaker will actually vibrate if you have it turned up pretty loud.

I also took a few calls using the speaker and it worked no problem. People on the other end said that I sounded clear and it didn’t have to scream into the speaker for them to hear me.

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