AeroCool PGS Vx-e Mid Tower Chassis Review


The AeroCool PGS Vx-e has everything that a gamer would want: style, performance and value. It fits in with the current style of gaming cases and the turbine gives it that extra wow factor at LAN parties. The ton of features put into this case make it well worth the price. Since this product is new on the market, I wasn’t able to find a price, but I would assume it would have to be between t $50 to $100 since it’s a value case.

There were a couple quirks that I didn’t like about the case, but most of those are personal preferences. The extra features, like the CPU hole on the motherboard tray and the pre-raised standoffs, make those quirks disappear. Overall ThinkComputers awards the AeroCool PGS Vx-e Mid Tower Chassis an 8 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award.


– Stylish
– Performance
– Value
– Tons of features


– No 3.5″ bays, need conversion kit
– Minor installation annoyances


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