AMD’s Raja Koduri Promises Two Brand New GCN GPUs in 2016

AMD is working really hard to get our their next-generation GCN powered graphics cards in 2016. While AMD is mostly keeping things quiet, AMD’s Raja Koduri who is head of the Radeon Technologies Group did reveal some details in a chat with Forbes.


During his chat with Forbes, Raja Koduri confirmed that AMD is launching two brand new GCN GPUs in 2016 which will feature their next generation GCN architecture along with FinFET process technology and the two times energy efficiency. Now we do not know any details about these GPUs but we can assume they are going to be in the high-performance segment.

If AMD does have two new GCN GPUs scheduled for 2016 that does mean that they will need to use at least some of the existing GPUs to fill out the rest of their lineup. So it is very likely we will see Hawaii, Tonga, and definitely Fiji. AMD has already proved with Fiji that it can be scaled down into many different products.

While two new GPUs is good for the high-performance segment, for those on the lower end you will be getting rebrands as usual from AMD.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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