AMD RDNA4 To Feature An Entirely Different Block For Ray Tracing

AMD’s intentions for RDNA4 seem significant, particularly concerning advancements in ray tracing hardware acceleration. While AMD’s Radeon RX 7000 GPUs are competitive, they’ve historically lagged behind NVIDIA’s ray tracing capabilities. However, indications suggest that this dynamic could shift with the next-generation GPU architecture.

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As per insights from Kepler_L2, a source known for AMD-related leaks, the company is reportedly developing a completely new Ray Tracing hardware acceleration block. In contrast to RDNA3, which was merely an enhancement of RDNA2, AMD’s RDNA4 is anticipated to introduce a distinct block specifically for ray tracing.

It’s important to highlight that rumors suggest the PlayStation 5 Pro may integrate RDNA4 RT acceleration. As mentioned earlier, the PS5 Pro is anticipated to support BVH8 (8-level bounding volume hierarchy) traversal shaders, whereas the current RT code is limited to a 4-level hierarchy. This suggests that the AMD RDNA4 RT core could potentially double the throughput per cycle.


Unfortunately, AMD has purportedly scrapped its big Navi4 chip plans. Whatever RDNA4 RT offers will be confined to mid-range to high-end models, leaving enthusiasts anticipating RDNA5.

Source: Kepler_L2