Nintendo Switch 2 To Support Higher Than 60 FPS Gameplay, Will Feature 40 FPS 120Hz Modes

Recent discoveries suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 could potentially enable gameplay exceeding 60 frames per second, including modes at 40 FPS and 120Hz. A notable Nintendo dataminer, OatmealDome, analyzed the latest version of the NintendoWare Bezel Engine, which powers the recently launched Endless Ocean Luminous. They found that the engine now supports frame rates up to 240 FPS, a discovery that piques interest given the current limitation of the Nintendo Switch to output only 60 frames per second.

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Just because the Bezel Engine now accommodates up to 240 FPS gameplay doesn’t guarantee future games will automatically adopt high frame rates. However, the engine’s readiness for high frame rates before the Nintendo Switch 2 release is intriguing. While it’s highly improbable that the new Nintendo console will handle 240 FPS gameplay except perhaps at very low resolutions, supporting higher frame rates could pave the way for modes like the 40 FPS, 120 Hz options found in certain PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S games. Considering the rumored support for NVIDIA DLSS in the Nintendo Switch 2, it wouldn’t be surprising if some games utilize the upscaler to achieve gameplay exceeding 60 frames per second in docked mode.

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As Nintendo remains secretive about the Nintendo Switch 2 console, confirmed details about the system are scarce. Recent rumors suggest it will represent a “conservative hardware evolution,” potentially reaching 4 teraflops in docked mode.