PlayStation 5 Pro GPU To Feature Max GPU Clock Of 2.35 GHz; Will Deliver A Maximum Of 36 Teraflops Of Performance

The PlayStation 5 Pro GPU is set to offer up to 36 teraflops of power, with enhancements aimed at boosting ray tracing speed. In a recent video and post by Digital Foundry, the latest rumors about Sony’s mid-generation refresh are explored, particularly focusing on GPU specifications. Sony’s developer portal indicates that the upcoming console will boast 30 Work Group Processors, resulting in 33.5 teraflops of performance, compared to the base model’s 18 WGP and 10.23 teraflops. Although this seems to imply a 227% performance boost, Sony suggests a more conservative 45% increase in GPU performance according to its documentation.

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After analyzing the specifications of both the base model and the Pro model, Digital Foundry concluded that the PlayStation 5 Pro’s 33.5 teraflops estimate likely corresponds to a 2.18GHz clock speed from its 60 compute units, which is lower than that of the base model. However, this discrepancy is expected to have minimal impact, thanks to the ultra boost mode, which will raise GPU clocks to 2.35 GHz, resulting in a performance of 36 teraflops. It’s worth noting that only a select few games will reach this peak performance due to the system’s power ceiling.


In addition to the minor clock speed variances, the PlayStation 5 Pro GPU will introduce several alterations compared to the base model. Its updated cache configuration, including a doubled L1 cache and an increased L0 size from 16KB to 32KB, will enable higher compute unit densities per shader engine and enhance ray tracing capabilities. Furthermore, the new system’s GPU will incorporate DirectX12 Ultimate features that are absent in the base model, such as hardware support for variable rate shading, mesh shading support, and additional features for hybrid MSAA. The PlayStation 5 Pro remains unannounced officially, but speculation points to a potential release before the year concludes.

Source: Digital Foundry