Lenovo Teases Legion 7000K Desktop PC With Mobile Intel Gen Core HX Series CPU

Lenovo teases a complete desktop gaming PC built on a mobile platform. Mobile on Desktop (MoDT) motherboards provide comparable, if not identical, performance while maintaining robust platform feature support. This holds particularly true for models utilizing AMD and Intel HX mobile series, essentially desktop CPUs packaged in BGA formats.

Some Chinese companies have managed to integrate these chips into motherboards designed for desktop use, even adapting them to support standard desktop CPU coolers. Due to the absence of integrated heatspreaders (IHS) in mobile CPUs, these MoDT platforms typically include specialized heatsinks compatible with such coolers.

A significant contender poised to join this arena is Lenovo, a global leader in the PC industry. Recently, the company introduced its Legion 7000K PC, featuring a MoDT platform powered by Intel Core HX-series processors (13th and 14th Gen).


The 7000K represents the first offering of its category available in a conventional desktop casing. Remarkably, it seems that even the limitations associated with mobile power are overcome, with Lenovo projected to uphold PL1 (Power Limit 1) of up to 190W and PL2 of up to 253W.

Although the teaser image omits details regarding the launch date or pricing, the system is depicted alongside a bespoke CPU cooler and a full-sized graphics card.

In the end, gamers have the opportunity to acquire a top-tier gaming PC at a reduced cost, albeit with fewer options for upgrades (as the CPUs are soldered and non-replaceable). Nevertheless, other components such as memory, storage, and GPUs are typically interchangeable.

Source: ITHome