Metaphyuni And Gzosmeta Jointly Releases External GPU Dock With OCuLink And Built-in 550W Power Supply

Metaphyuni and Gzosmeta, Chinese companies, are unveiling their collaborative creation: an external GPU dock compatible with OCuLink.

While numerous solutions exist in the market, varying in quality and catering to different price segments, the newly launched EG01C aims to strike a balance. It’s designed to offer competitive pricing without compromising on two essential features.


External GPUs are commonly connected via USB4/Thunderbolt connections or through the OCuLink standard. OCuLink boasts a bandwidth of 64GB/s, surpassing the speeds of USB4/Thunderbolt, which offer up to 40GB/s. Hence, OCuLink is increasingly favored by enthusiasts, gamers, and AI researchers.

The adoption of this standard has surged in China, particularly with the introduction of new Lenovo ThinkPad laptops featuring the “TGX” connector, essentially OCuLink. The company behind the EG01C dock has verified its compatibility with these laptops.

EG01C 2

The company developed a newly designed OCuLink connector capable of over 10,000 plug-and-unplug cycles. Additionally, instead of a manual locking mechanism, it employs an automatic one to secure the cable in place.

Another notable feature of this dock is its integrated power supply, utilizing a server-grade CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply) standard. While it’s not advisable to remove the supply during operation, its design allows for easy upgrades or replacements with more powerful units later on. The standard configuration includes a 550W supply with 80+ Gold Platinum power efficiency certification.

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The package includes all necessary cables and connectors, with a weight of 2.08 kg excluding the power supply. The entire dock measures 23x9x75 cm and accommodates even the largest GPUs. This OCuLink GPU dock is priced at 899 RMB (125 USD) and is currently offered at a limited-time rate of 649 RMB (90 USD), inclusive of the power supply.

Source: Metaphyuni