Apple’s M4 Chip is 22% Faster in Single-Core and 25% Faster in Multi-Core Performance

This week Apple launched their lastest M4 chip, which is based on their own custom silicon design. This chip is the successor to the M3 and the 4th generation design brings with it AI capabilities and improved CPU performance. The chip will ship first in the new iPad Pro and has been benchmarked in Geekbench v6. With scores of 3767 in the single-core tests and 14667 in the multi-core tests this chip is very promising.

apple m4 geekbench

These scores represent a 22% improvement in single-core and 25% improvement in multi-core over Apple’s own M3 chip which scored 3087 (single-core) and 11702 (multi-core) in the same test.

Of course this is just a synthetic test and real-world performance will differ. This test does give us an idea of what Apple has been working on. We will have to wait for reviews of products like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to really see what this chip can do.

Via Geekbench

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