MSI Offers RTX 4060 Ti Gaming Slim “Monster Hunter Edition” With Custom Controller

MSI in January unveiled its latest lineup inspired by the “Monster Hunter” franchise, introducing the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Gaming card with a fresh color palette. Now, they’ve revealed that this graphics card will come bundled with the Force GC30 Monster Hunter Controller.

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The card, part of the Gaming Slim series, boasts a dual-slot design and incorporates three Torx 5.0 Fans (Tri Frozr 3 cooler). Its copper base remains fixed to both the memory and GPU, aided by three heat pipes. Notably, the cooler implements zero dB technology, ensuring fans remain stationary when temperatures dip below a certain threshold (though MSI hasn’t disclosed the precise value).

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As per MSI, the card boasts a boost clock of 2535 MHz, aligning with NVIDIA’s standard frequency for this model. Utilizing MSI Center, now adorned with a bespoke Monster Hunter theme, you can implement 2550 MHz OC settings, resulting in a modest 0.6% overclock, making it a worthwhile endeavor. The package encompasses special controllers along with a custom VGA support bracket.

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Expanding the Monster Hunter theme is possible through acquiring a special edition case, monitor, motherboard, AIO cooler, and accessories. Yet, it’s optional, as this card is compatible with any system.

Source: MSI