ASUS ROG Ally X To Be Priced At $799, Will Be Powered By Ryzen Z1 Extreme

ASUS has yet to release the complete specifications for the revamped ROG Ally console, dubbed the ROG Ally X. Although it’s reported to be an enhanced iteration of the 2023 model, featuring the same processor and screen, it will introduce new baseline specifications.


The Ally X will exclusively debut with the Ryzen Z1 Extreme; there are no plans for a Z1 non-Extreme APU model. This implies that individuals anticipating purchasing the new Ally at a price below $300-400 will need to seek out the 2023 model, as it’s improbable that the X will reach that price range anytime soon. Additionally, the X variant will solely offer a 1TB SSD, whereas the current version defaults to 512GB.

As ASUS has disclosed, the ROG Ally X will boast a larger battery and increased memory capacity. Although ASUS hasn’t provided precise specifications, the battery is expected to be at least 40% larger, with memory options ranging from 24GB to 32GB. The memory upgrade alone could significantly contribute to the price hike, and the memory speed for the ROG Ally X remains undisclosed.

ASUS ROG Ally X Handheld Teaser

According to the tipster MysteryLupin, the upgraded handheld is rumored to be priced at $799, marking a $100 increase from the current version. With the screen and APU remaining unchanged, this represents a relatively steep hike compared to the original $699 price of the “2023” model. Moreover, considering that the older model often sells for less than $600 at retailers, its price is likely to drop further with the introduction of the new model.

ASUS has confirmed that the ROG Ally X will be formally unveiled at Computex on June 2nd.

Source: NotebookCheck