Nintendo Says Shortages Of Chips Or Other Components Won’t Affect Switch 2 Release

Following much speculation, Nintendo has at last provided details regarding their intentions for a successor to the Switch in their latest earnings report. They have committed to unveiling the Switch 2 (or whatever name it adopts) at some point within this fiscal year, which concludes in March 2025. While there are rumors suggesting a Fall reveal and a subsequent March 2025 release, Nintendo has yet to officially confirm these plans.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept Curved Labs 3

During an earnings Q&A session, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shared additional insights about their plans for a Switch successor (translation courtesy of Furukawa mentioned that their current sales forecasts do not incorporate the “Nintendo Switch successor device.” While this doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of the Switch 2 launching this fiscal year, it indicates that Nintendo is currently unable or unwilling to commit to a release before March 2025. At this stage, their commitment extends only to aiming to sell another 13.5 million Switch units in FY2025, a notably ambitious target given the device’s maturity. Achieving this goal would propel Nintendo beyond the sales figures of the Nintendo DS (154 million units sold) and potentially even the PlayStation 2 (155 million units sold).

Although Nintendo remains frustratingly vague regarding the release timing of the Switch 2, they did provide assurance to investors that supply issues stemming from chip shortages or other component shortages should not pose a problem.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept Curved Labs 2

“As for supply of the Nintendo Switch successor console… at this point we are not seeing semiconductor supply issues like the ones that were happening until the year before last, and we do not anticipate that semiconductor supply will present a major problem for the launch of the console.”

Not entirely surprising, Furukawa also affirmed that there will continue to be a focus on providing physical games for the Switch 2, dispelling any speculation that Nintendo might opt for a digital-only approach.