Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature New Joy-Cons With Additional Buttons; Dock Will Support 4K Resolution

According to a recent report, the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will see minor changes in its appearance compared to the current dock, but significant upgrades are expected under the hood. The Chinese manufacturer Mobapad, after posting on Facebook hinting at new details about the unreleased console, has now uploaded additional information on their official website. They reveal that while the new dock won’t deviate much in looks from the current one, it will notably improve performance and boast 4K resolution support, likely due to its rumored compatibility with NVIDIA DLSS technology.


Mobapad’s latest details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 also include insights into the new Joy-Con controllers. These controllers will introduce metallic SL and SR buttons, along with additional buttons on both sides and a new function button positioned below the HOME button. However, the specific function of this new button remains undefined.

concept nintendo switch 2 breccia

Although the Nintendo Switch 2 is described as a “conservative hardware evolution,” it will boast significant improvements in power compared to its predecessor. Running on the T239 chip, the new system will deliver performance similar to last-generation consoles but with the added benefits of more advanced technology. Additionally, the console is rumored to support ray tracing, further enhanced by NVIDIA DLSS Ray Reconstruction.

Source: Mobapad