Intel’s Core Ultra 200 desktop CPU Lineup To Feature 285K, 265K, 245K Unlocked SKUs

Intel is preparing to introduce its newest lineup of desktop CPUs, known as Arrow Lake-S. These new processors will be part of the Core Ultra 200 series and will come in various tiers and versions, including K, F, and potentially T models down the line.

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It’s anticipated that Intel will tweak its desktop CPU product naming slightly. Renowned hardware leaker Raichu, with a track record of accurate Intel leaks, shared insights into the upcoming lineup. The next-gen desktop CPU series is projected to feature the following unlocked models from the K-Series:

– Core Ultra 285K
– Core Ultra 265K
– Core Ultra 245K

The absence of a 290K part is notable, but these names might sound familiar. Intel used very similar names for mobile SKUs in the past. However, this time, we’re focusing on desktop CPUs. Raichu didn’t discuss Core Ultra tiers, but if we assume that only these three parts are the launch SKUs (Intel usually launches three K and KF SKUs), then it’s likely that the 265K belongs to the Core Ultra 7 models.


Moreover, there’s a lineup of non-K models referred to as “OC locked,” boasting a 65W TDP. This group is anticipated to include SKUs like the 275, 255, and 240. The latter has been previously mentioned and will also be available with the F variant, lacking integrated graphics.

The upcoming series will necessitate new motherboards featuring 800-series chipsets and an LGA-1851 socket. Unlike the Core Ultra 200V Lunar Lake models, the desktop version hasn’t surfaced in any leaks yet. Therefore, despite confidence in Raichu’s leak, it’s wise to approach it with caution. Indeed, it’s possible that SKUs like the 290K might still debut, possibly as the new KS version. Would that be more logical? It’s difficult to determine. The next desktop lineup will mark the most significant change in Intel’s desktop portfolio naming in over a decade.

Source: @OneRaichu