AMD Ryzen 5800GX Is Expected To Put Navi 24 GPU And Zen3 Chiplet On a Single Package

Twitter user Olrak (@Olrak29_), famous for his diagrams of the Navi 3X GPUs, has proposed a design of the upcoming AMD Ryzen 5800GX processor.

The design is not based on a leak. Olrak put the recently launched Navi 24 GPU alongside Zen3 chipset. The design replaces one of the Ryzen 5000 CCD (Core Complex Die) with Navi 24 GPU.

AMD Ryzen 5800GX

The design has some flaws. One is that Navi 24 is smaller than the 125 mm² Ryzen’s I/O die (cIOD/Consumer IOD). On the other hand, AMD low-end GPU measures only 27mm² bigger in size than the Zen3 chipset (80.7 mm²).

Of course, there is very little chance that AMD would come with a similar design, mainly because the AM4 CPU series is at the very end of its long journey. An investment into yet another production line this late, would probably not be a very good idea.

ryzen7 5800x3d 4

AMD is all set to launch its Ryzen 7 5800X3D in the spring season this year. The 5800X3D consists of one more layer of L3 cache above the Zen3 chipset. Experts claim that the production of dual-chipset design with 3D V-Cache is unlikely to cash in on more return. Therefore, Ryzen X3D series with more than 8 cores should not be expected.

The fact that Rembrandt APUs (Zen3+ with RDNA2 iGPU) are likely to make their way to desktops should also be taken into consideration. According to those working in AMD, this is likely to happen with more DDR5 memory being available. This is because Rembrandt supports (LP)DDR5 memory only.

Via HardwareLuxx