AMD Senior VP says Zen 3 Vermeer CPUs are going to be tremendously powerful, leaks suggest Ryzen 5000 series branding

AMD recently revealed that it will be releasing the Zen 3 based Vermeer generation of CPUs on 8th October. AMD’s Senior Vice President, Forrest Norrod, recently discussed the architecture, while some new leaks are suggesting a Ryzen 5000 series branding.

During the Deutsche Bank 2020 conference call, AMD’s Senior Vice President, Forrest Norrod, discussed the upcoming AMD CPUs, and how important this lineup is to the company. Seeking Alpha reported his quote on the same:

“So you know that first Zen 1 Core was great and hugely cored, but Zen2 was as well. And Zen 3, that’s at the heart of our next-generation products is also a tremendously powerful architecture and you know right on the trajectory that we needed to be on.”

AMD has a lot riding on this platform, especially with Intel trying to counter its efforts. AMD is also releasing its next generation of GPUs on 28th October, with the reference design revealed recently. Take a look at the full interview below:

Moving on, a tweet by active AMD Ryzen informant/leaker, and software developer Patrick Shur says that AMD is likely to go for the 5000 series branding for Zen 3 Vermeer. The Ryzen 4000 branding has been opted by the mobile chips, as well as the Renoir desktop chips for the OEM market. So it is likely that this is true. Take a look at the tweet:

The Zen 3 chips are likely to be significantly better than the Zen 2 based 4000 series chips. This warrants for a fresh series name, and will likely battle Intel’s offerings head-to-head. Interesting times ahead!

What do you think? Will you be getting a Zen 3 Vermeer Ryzen 5000 series CPU for your next system? Let us know in the comments, down below!

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