AMD/XFX BC-160 Cryptomining Card Spotted With Up To 72 MH/s in ETH

A not-so-reliable source has leaked some photos and a specs sheet which it claims to be of, AMD BC-160, a new mining card.

The BC-160 (Blockchain Compute) has been allegedly designed by XFX China. According to the information provided by the source, this model is based on the Navi 12 GPU.

AMD BC 160 Mining Card

The card will reportedly be featuring 2304 Stream Processors which is a lot lesser than Pro 5600M. This device is most likely to offer a dual 8-pin power connector config and TGP of 150W. The card will feature 69.5 Mh/s, which is around 25% faster than the Navi10-based Radeon RX 5700 XT. Every card will supposedly reach around 72 Mh/s hashrate performance in Ethash.

The specs sheet claims that the card will be featuring 8GB HBM2 memory with a high speed of 4Gbps. We have not seen these specifications before in HBM2 based devices, and are expected to make a debut with HBM3 based mining cards.

The naming system has been noted to have many flaws. The first letter is for the generation while the next two digits indicate ETH hash rate performance. If we consider this name to be true, anything higher than 99 will bump the model number higher unless no such card will ever be produced.

AMD BC 160 Mining Hash Rate 1

On the other hand, there is no surety about the reliability of the information as the Board partners are not willing to give any insights on their crypto mining business.