AMD XFX Navi 21 GPU For Cryptomining Spotted In Vietnam

A recently leaked photo originating from Vietnam confirms that AMD will soon introduce a professional series for crypto mining.

The picture shows a plain black design of a cooler which looks similar to the recent AMD Radeon PRO series released for the Apple Mac Pro. But the leaked card is a different product since it lacks any type of display connector. This suggests that it is a crypto mining card, aka pure compute accelerator. The interesting thing is that the card is passive with an air-passthrough typical for HPC installation.

The capacitor layout on the backside indicates that the card is based on Navi 21. The powers are placed in the rear, a practice common for workstation models. Since the card has no display connectors, it is useless for gamers unless they will play using a virtual environment.

Some earlier leaks from Linux kernel updates in March 2021 stated that AMD might be working on Navi10/12 based mining cards. However, no photo or information has appeared after that leak.

Via Twitter