Antec Notebook Cooler Designer Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the Notebook Cooler Designer setup is pretty easy.  Just set your laptop up on it and plug in the USB cable.  Antec has made grooves on the back of the cooler that will easily allow you to route the USB cable to either side of the cooler and even to the back of it.  This makes it so the cooler can sit flush on your desk and so wherever your USB connection is on your laptop the USB cable will easy connect to it.

Antec Notebook Cooler Designer Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

We are using a Dell XPS M1210 12-inch laptop for testing.  This laptop fits almost perfectly on the notebook cooler designer.  I would assume if you are using a 15-inch laptop it would go over the end of the cooler a little bit.

Antec Notebook Cooler Designer Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

For testing we ran our laptop without the cooler and then with the notebook cooler designer.  We set the fans to high speed on the laptop and ran Prime 95 to put a full load on the CPU, here are our results.


As you can see the cooler did do its job by keeping the laptop cooler during both load and idle, but it was not a considerable difference like we saw with the Thermaltake Massive23 ST.  I did sit down with the cooler on my couch having the cooler sit on my lap and it worked very well, although it did slide around a little bit.

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