AORUS Unveils A Modular Gaming PC Called “Project Cielo”

Aorus has revealed its modular PC “Project Cielo”; a portable PC that features 5G Internet connectivity. It comes in modular design and each component is interchangeable for users’ own choice and liking. Interestingly Cielo looks like a food dehydrator or chicken chamber.


The PC features built-in 5G antennas in the top row(this part can not be replaced), the next row is a big battery while the bottom row contains a huge Bluetooth speaker.

This is yet another attempt to develop a modular PC after Razer’s Project Christine which was first shown in 2014 but has never been launched in the market.

Razer Project Christine 1

Gigabyte has not given any specifications of this new PC. The internals or an actual working device has also not been shown. There is only a simple product page that indicates the idea that will likely never appear as a retail product.

Gigabyte Project Cielo Modular PC

The portable backpack PCs which were manufactured for Virtual Reality gaming did very well in the market but this PC looks like it would have difficulty finding use in reality. It is portable but will require cables to be connected, such as display cable, etc, unless a projector module is developed for it.

Via Gigabyte