Here Is Our First Look At AORUS and ASGARD Next-Gen DDR5 Memory

AORUS DDR5 non-RGB kit’s photograph has recently been released.

ASUS and MSI are not producing their own memory. Gigabyte, on the other hand, will be manufacturing kits for next-generation Intel 600 series motherboards.

AORUS DDR5 5200 memory

AORUS DDR5 non-RGB memory which has been photographed is one such kit. It may prove to be a perfect fit for the AORUS Z690 XTREME motherboard which possesses a special cover for the memory adjustment area.

Its specifications include 5200 MT/s and 32GB in total (2x 16). Reportedly, it will support Intel XMP 3.0 that is available with Intel Z690 motherboards. However, we are not sure about the timings yet.


Asgard will now be taking preorders in China on new AERIS kits. The AERIS kit features RGB but is not overclocked above 4800 MT/s. It is comparatively cheap, especially keeping in mind that it is the fastest next-gen memory.

ASGARD DDR5 4800 Memory 1

The company will take pre-orders from 11 November with a discounted price of 1999 RMB, or 313 USD. However, the standard price is 2199 RMB or 345 USD.

Via JD