Apple Gearing Up To Launch Mac Pro With M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme Chips

At the start of the month, Apple announced its newest M2 chipset at the WWDC event, paving room for improvement for the CPU and GPU. We are already hearing news about the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to launch featuring this M2 chipset. So far these are the first of the Macs to receive the M2 upgrade and down the road, Apple has clearly shared its plans to launch more variants of the chip.

One of the latest reports says that Apple is going to introduce M2 Max, M2 Ultra, M2 Pro, and M2 Extreme as variants to its newest and most powerful chipset. These variants are going to be featured on the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and even Mac Mini models.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurnam recently shared on the Power On newsletter about Apple’s plans to work on the M2 Max, M2 Ultra, M2 Pro, and M2 Extreme variants for different Macs. It has been a while already since we have been hearing rumors of a Mac mini which will come with the M2 and M2 Pro chips. So far there have been no rumors regarding the release of this variant. If this news holds any truth, then Apple will be offering two chip configuration options with its Mac mini.

In addition to this, Apple will also upgrade its MacBook Pro models (the 14-inch and 16-inch variants) with the M2 Max and M2 Pro chipsets. The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro was recently launched by Apple. It features the M2 chip and from what we are hearing, Apple will soon upgrade the internals of the 14-inch and 16-inch models too, creating itself a new product line totally upgraded with the M2 chip.

Gurnam has shared his opinion on how the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme chips will soon be introduced by Apple. it was at the start of the year that Apple had shared a small teaser of the new Mac Pro but we still haven’t heard anything materializing regarding it. There is no doubt that Apple is going to release a new Mac Pro with the M2 chip. As far as the iMac is concerned, it was reported previously that Apple will wait for the M3 chipset for its iMac, but no further details have been shared by Gurnam on this.

Via Bloomberg