ASL Launches GeForce RTX 4060 Youth Edition For $350

Recently, ASL, a Chinese company, has been swiftly launching its GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards, with an increased pace seen in the last few months, including the introduction of a second model within a two-week timeframe.

IMG 6708

ASL’s most recent addition to their lineup is the RTX 4060 8GB Youth Edition, sporting a vibrant blue color scheme and a striking dual-fan cooler. The translucent fans are enhanced with RGB LEDs, creating a captivating rainbow effect that adds to the card’s appeal.

The card boasts a dual-slot configuration and adheres to standard NVIDIA reference specifications, delivering a boost clock of up to 2460 MHz. Gamers can enjoy 8GB of GDDR6 memory and a 128-bit bus, combined with the AD107 GPU, which houses 3072 CUDA cores.

IMG 6709

It is worth noting that while the manufacturer claims that the GPU is connected to a PCIe x16 4.0 interface, all RTX 4060/4060Ti models are physically limited to 8 lanes, making this part of the specifications incorrect.

The ASL RTX 4060 GPU, now listed on the JD platform for 2499 RMB (approximately $350), might catch the attention of younger gamers and those who feel youthful. Regrettably, the GPU is currently unavailable for purchase.

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Source & Images Credit: JD/ASL