ASRock Announces DeskMeet 8-Liter Mini PC Series With Intel B660 & AMD X300 Options

The recently launched ASRock DeskMeet Mini PC series features the latest options from X300-ITX (AMD) and B660-ITX (Intel). The new DeskMeet comes with an optimized power supply as well as motherboard designs. It uses a new and larger ITX form factor containing four DIMM slots instead of just two.

ASRock DeskMeet B660 ITX Intel Mini PC 1 1030x403 1

Some of the features of the Desktop Mini PC are as follows:
•The system has an Intel B660 ITX board and support both Intel 12th Gen Core Processors and memory overclocking.
•The four DDR4 DIMM slots can support up to 128 GB capacities.
•Three SATA III ports and two Hyper M.2 ports have been provided for storage.

PCIe 4.0 x16 (supports dual-slot graphics card) and an M.2 Key-E slot for WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity are also included in the expansion slots. The power supply is 500W which peaks at 550W. The case looks solid showing a lot of exhaust vents on the rear.

The AMD-powered Mini PC possesses a board powered by an AMD X300 chipset and supports up to the Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs & APUs (65W only). Moreover, the cooler has a maximum height of 54mm with the same amount of features as that of the Intel system. In comparison with the B660, PCH is shifted on the rear of the motherboard. The prices of both B660 and X300 have not been confirmed yet. Both of these PCs measure 168(W) x 219.3(D) x 218.3(H) mm (excl. Protrusions) and are expected to be in the market soon.

ASRock DeskMeet X300 ITX AMD Mini PC 1 1030x403 1

The DeskMeet is a revolutionary design of the Mini-ITX platform. ASRock not only optimizes its motherboard to minimize internal cables, but also optimizes its power supply for better cable management and airflow. The most eye-catching thing is the chassis design of DeskMeet. Users can easily build a small form factor PC in just a few minutes. DeskMeet’s incredible scalability, offering plenty of space to extend or upgrade your build.”