Razer’s Wild Modular Gaming Desk Concept, Project Sophia

We’ve seen some pretty crazy concepts from Razer over the years. We had Project Christine back at CES 2014, and then CES 2020’s Tomahawk and now it seems we have something even crazier from Razer. They have a pretty crazy modular gaming desk concept called Project Sophia. This is a full-on gaming desk that not only houses your PC, but display and other devices.

Project Sophia Key Visual 02

The desk will feature 13 different hot-swappable module slots where users can add many different pieces. These slots can contain temperature readouts, touchscreen application launchers, dedicated chat and calendar displays, wireless Qi chargers, a mug heater, pen tablets, audio mixers, CPU and GPU monitors, and more. The whole idea is that users can customize the desk to fit their different needs. Here are a few examples Razer has one their website.

project sophia 1 project sophia 2 project sophia 3 project sophia 4

The desk will feature a massive OLED display (65-inch or 77-inch) that will attach directly to the desk. The desk will of course have a bunch of Razer Chroma lighting too!

This is definitely one of the most interesting things we’ve seen at CES 2022, but will it ever become a real product? Only time will tell!

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