ASUS Announced ROG Swift G-Sync Gaming Monitor With 500 Hz Refresh Rate

ASUS has announced another addition to its gaming monitor range. The ROG Swift 500 Hz is the latest e-sports monitor which makes every millisecond count. This is clearly not the best of the gaming panels in the market as far as the resolution or the color accuracy is concerned, but let’s keep in mind that those things don’t hold as much importance as does the refresh rate for gaming.


At COMPUTEX 2022, we’re introducing the newest member of the NVIDIA G-SYNC family – the ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz Gaming Monitor. This 500Hz display has been designed from the ground up for esports, using a brand new “Esports TN panel” for maximum motion clarity. It also boasts NVIDIA G-SYNC Esports Mode with adjustable esports vibrance, and of course complete NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer support, allowing users to measure end to end system latency when using a NVIDIA Reflex mouse and GeForce GPU.


If we recall correctly, the G-Sync 500Hz is an extension or rather a continuation of the same program which was started off back in 2013 when many monitor manufacturers along with NVIDIA announced their very first displays based on the G-Sync with different G-Sync modules. The refresh rate of 500 Hz is so far the highest one in the market and it even beats the G-Sync tier of 360 Hz from the previous tier.
Neither NVIDIA nor ASUS have announced anything regarding the price but we are sure these aren’t going to be cheap.