ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard Review

Lights and Software
When you power on the Prime Z370-A you are going to notice a row of RGB LEDs light up on the front edge of the board. This will create a really cool glow around the board.

ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard

By default this RGB section will do a rainbow effect, which looks pretty cool. You can download ASUS’s Aura Sync software to customize the lighting as well as t he lighting of the RGB header on the bottom section of the motherboard.

ASUS’s Turbo Lan software allows your to tune and customize your LAN connection by giving applications different priorities.

For some reason both Aura Sync and Turbo Lan are not part of the Ai Suite. Not a huge deal, but I would be nice to just download a single application as well as have one application to open, not three. I’ve really grown to like Gigabyte’s App Center, it seems ASUS is falling behind on the software side a little. Also for some odd reason Aura Sync and Turbo Lan do not scale in Windows 10. So if you have a 4K display running at the full resolution these windows are going to look tiny. We do not have that problem with Ai Suite though. Inside Ai Suite you will find a but of different applications to help you fine-tune your system.

The main screen that will come up is Dual Intelligent Processors 5. You can use the 5-way optimization to do a full-system optimization or you can set a power saving formula. Also you are getting a live view of what is going on inside your PC.

Clicking into TPU you can set your BCLK frequency, CPU ratio, and CPU cache ratio. You can tune a single core, or all cores together. In here you can set your CPU, DRAM, and other voltages.

Fan Expert 4 allows you to tune your connected fans. There is an auto tuning option that will basically calibrate your fans for the best overall performance. You can also set custom fan curves for your fans or run one of the 4 preset fan curves.

Inside DIGI+VRM you can set the CPU Power Phase control, load-line calibration and other power related settings.

EZ update is what you think it is. You can easily download and update your drivers, BIOS, and software. The process is quite easily.

System information will give you information on your motherboard, CPU, as well as SPD information.

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