ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Testing & Final Thoughts
I have been using this keyboard for a few weeks now and I really like it. The Cherry MX Brown switches are actually really great and not as loud as the Blue switches that were on the keyboard I was using prior. The keys are quite easy to press and the keyboard is very comfortable to use for hours at a time.

I did take time to test the N-Key rollover over USB and it worked quite well. Using Aqua’S KeyTest we are able to see what key presses are actually recorded. For our test I hit the A-K keys, H-L keys and the spacebar all at once. Without NKRO enabled only six of the keys are actually recorded.


Now with NKRO enabled all of the keys are recorded.


This is pretty impressive as many keyboards require you to use a PS/2 connection in order to function this way. This also ensures that all of your keystrokes are recorded in a game, and that is where it is most important.

I would say the biggest feature of this keyboard is the 21 dedicated macro keys. That is the most macro keys we have seen on a gaming keyboard in a while. So if you are an MMO gamer where macros are vital this is a great keyboard to have. ASUS also spread the macros out so the keyboard itself is not overly large. I really like the three macro keys that are below the spacebar. These are easy to access in game and once you get used to using them it is hard to use a keyboard that does not have them. The keyboard does have illumination and offers a breathing mode as well.

The biggest downfall of this keyboard has to be the software. It seemed very limited and I was quite disappointed as ASUS’s own Ai Suite III software for their motherboards is some of the best out there. First for some reason you are not able to rename your macros they need to be named Macro 1, Macro 2, etc. Also the software can only be used on your main screen. I use a dual-screen setup and when I went to move the software window to the second screen it would not let me, I found it very odd.

At the end of the day though this is still a great keyboard and one of the only keyboards out there that offer 21 dedicated macro keys! Right now you can pick up this keyboard at my favorite online retailer for $124.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard an 8 out of 10 score.

– 21 dedicated macro keys
– Available in all Cherry MX flavors
– N-Key rollover over USB
– Illuminated
– Great build quality and not overly large

– Pretty poor software

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