ASUS Will Announce TUF Gaming and ROG Gaming Laptops with GeForce RTX 30 GPus on January 12

ASUS will refresh its TUF Gaming and ROG gaming series soon. ASUS has teased the design, and it looks quite futuristic compared to its predecessor. Due to their easy availability and economical pricing, the TUF 2020 laptops were popular among budget gamers.

Unfortunately, inferior display and cooling systems were used in the TUF 2020 laptops, and tech reviewers and consumers were really disappointed.

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Apparently, the TUF 2021 features a rectangular design that looks similar to the ROG Zephyrus series. Asus has supposedly upgraded the cooling system, but there’s no word on its efficiency yet. It is still not known if the laptops will feature Intel Tiger Lake-H35 quad-core CPUs or AMD Cezanne (Ryzen 5000H series).

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ASUS will unveil the refreshed laptops on January 12.

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Via Asus