AZZA Hurricane RGB Fans Review

Final Thoughts
Now that we are really on the second wave of RGB fans there are a few different ways to classify them. For this kit we have an RGB fan that illuminates the frame of the fan (not the fan blades). You can actually select the color you want and this kit is backed up by software (mobile). You can also connect these fans to your motherboard’s RGB header for control.

So talking about the RGB effects, the 4 RGB LEDs actually do put off a lot of light to illuminate the frame of each fan. This is a look you are either going to love or hate. If you like this look these fans are going to look great in your system and since the fan blades are black it just looks like you are looking at an illuminated circle. The Lumi controller allows you to control the speed and RGB effects of the fans via a mobile app. The can select each fan and set its color. There is also a breathing effect and a rainbow effect, which is basically breathing while changing colors. I do feel the effects are a little limited compared to what is out there, and there is no setting for brightness or to turn the RGBs completely off.

The fans themselves have a really good build quality and have good specifications too. They can operate from 800-1800 RPM with a max air flow of 56.12 CFM, and max noise level of 33.8 dB(A). The fans can be daisy-chained together (RGB control) so they are quite easy to install if you plan to connect them to your motherboard’s RGB header.

Right now the 3-pack kit with the Lumi controller is selling at our favorite online retailer for 69.99. That price is not too bad, but I would have liked to have seen more effects and settings in the Lumi app. Overall ThinkComputers gives the AZZA Hurricane RGB Fans an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Pretty bright illumination
– Can be controller via mobile app
– Can control each fan’s colors individually
– Can daisy-chain RGB connectors

– Lacking effects in the app
– Cannot adjust brightness or turn the LEDs completely off
– Cannot set a color by color-code
– Cannot adjust fan speeds individually

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