AZZA Storm 6000W Case Review

Final Thoughts

Our time with the AZZA Storm 6000 proved to be quite enjoyable. Offering the case in two colors helps appeal to more consumers, and the white paint on our sample was top-notch. The white color scheme is also found throughout the interior of the case, all the way down to the four included 120mm Hurricane RGB fans. Only the additional non-LED 120mm fan is black. The large tempered glass side panel offers an unobstructed view into the case, and helps show off the nice LED glow throughout the interior.

The build process in the Storm 6000 was mostly uneventful, which is a good thing. We only ran into a few minor hiccups when assembling our system, the first being that the top panel has to be removed in order to remove the front panel. This is only a minor inconvenience and slightly different from other cases, as most do not have a removable top panel. The second small issue we had was that there was paint within the motherboard standoff threads, requiring a bit of extra work to get the standoffs themselves into place.

Once all of our hardware was in place, we had lots of room to work with for our cable management. This is a good thing, because with five included fans, four of which use two cables for LED and power connections, there is a lot of cabling to work around.

Overall, the AZZA Storm 6000 turned out to be a great case with plenty of room for our components and cable management. The tempered glass side panel and four 120mm RGB fans add a lot of value to the case and keep it up to speed with today’s biggest case trends. With an MSRP of $170, these extra value items earn the AZZA Storm 6000 an 8 out of 10.

rating8 10


  • Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Four 120mm RGB Fans Included
  • High-quality Paint Job
  • Lots of Room to Work With


  • Paint in Standoff Threads
  • Lots of Fan Cabling
  • Front Panel Removal