ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks Review

Over the past few years mobile power banks have become a very common thing, pretty much all of my friends have them. This is likely a combination of phone manufacturers trying to keep their phones thin and the fact we are using our smartphones more and more, with many people using their smartphone as their main computing device. With that we need to constantly keep our phones charged, and if you are on the go that can be difficult. That is where mobile power banks come in. ROMOSS has sent us three of their mobile power banks to check out, all of which can be used in different situations. These include the UPower 10000mAh, ACE 10 10000mAh, and Q Series 5000mAh. Let’s take a look a see if one of these will suit your mobile charging needs.

Special thanks to ROMOSS for providing the Mobile Power Banks to review.

The ROMOSS mobile power banks come in very nice retail packages. Each have quite a lot of information on them so you know exactly what you are getting.

ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks

Flipping over to the back of each charger there is even more information. I think that if you were checking out these chargers at a retail store you would have more than enough information to make an educated purchase.

ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks

Getting the chargers out of their respective retail packages each comes with a small microUSB charging cable and user’s guide.

ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks

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