ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
I have been using these mobile power banks for the past month and each of them have definitely served a specific purpose. The Q Series 5000mAh has been my going out power bank, so if I go out for the night it is the one I take with me. It is small and thin enough to fit in my pocket comfortably and since it has the Lightning adapter on it I can charge my phone or someone else ‘s who might not have an iPhone. On top of that the cable is integrated so I don’t have to bring a cable with me.

The ACE 10 10000mAh is my laptop / camera bag charger, it pretty much goes everywhere with me. Its small size makes it easy to throw in a compartment in my bag and the larger capacity means I have multiple charges for my iPhone. On top of that I actually use it to charge my camera in between shooting. This is great, especially if I forget to bring an extra camera battery with me.

ROMOSS Mobile Power Banks

The UPower 10000mAh is definitely going to be by travel power bank. Since it plugs directly into the wall I can keep in plugged in so I know it is charged and just throw it in my carry-on. Then when I get to my hotel I can plug it in again. When it is plugged in the two USB ports will still charge your devices so it is basically a 2-port USB wall charger on top of being portable.

All three of these chargers are different and suit different needs, but all of them where high quality and we didn’t have any issues with them at all. As far as pricing goes the Q Series 5000mAh is $14.99, the ACE 10 10000mAh is $22.99, and the UPower 10000mAh is $37.99. All of these prices are great and make picking one of these up a no-brainer. If you are in need of a mobile power bank definitely consider a ROMOSS one.

– Quality built
– Great pricing
– Chargers for all different needs
– Q Series 5000mAh has the integrated cable with lightning adapter

– None that I found

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