AZZA Storm 6000W Case Review

AZZA Storm 6000W Overview

As mentioned earlier, the Storm 6000 is available in both black and white colorways, with our sample being white. The white color is not only found on the exterior of the case, but on the interior as well. The paint job is quite good, with a nice glossy texture to it. The overall dimensions of the case are 640x335x646mm, which is much larger than many of the cases we have looked at recently. The Storm 6000 weighs in at 24.4lbs.

AZZA Storm6000W

Taking a look at the front of the case we are presented with a removable plastic faceplate that features a hexagonal design scheme across most of the surface. Many of the hexagons function as windows, with a tinted plastic window below offering a glimpse at two of the included 120mm RGB fans. Other hexagons have their edges cut out to act as a bit of an intake for the aforementioned fans. The rest of the hexagons are indented to give a bit of depth to the front panel.

AZZA Storm6000W Front1

The top of the panel features a hinged door that gives access to a single 5.25″ drive bay cover and a button that can be used to control the color and effects of the included RGB fans and lighting features of the case. A triangular button is embedded along the upper left portion of the front panel, and features a small RGB indicator. Along the upper right portion of the front panel, in futuristic silver font, is “AZZA”.

AZZA Storm6000W Front2

In order to gain access to the chassis frame behind the front panel, the top panel must first be removed. Once that is out of the way, the front panel simply snaps off to reveal a well ventilated interior panel that comes equipped with two of AZZA’s 120mm Hurricane RGB fans. There is room for another 120mm fan above the two included units, or you can swap the fans out and install two 140mm fans. Whichever the case may be, there is plenty of room to route fan cables via three large rectangular openings. As seen above, the Storm 6000 supports a single 5.25″ external drive, which requires removing a single bracket to make room for the drive.

AZZA Storm6000W Front Fans

The top of the Storm 6000 is comprised of another plastic panel with a similar hexagon design. Multiple hexagons act as windows, while a few others provide a very small bit of ventilation for the two additional included 120mm RGB fans. Along the left side of the top panel is a section of three transparent windows with RGB LED lighting.

AZZA Storm6000W Top

At the front of the top panel is a notched section that houses two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone and microphone port, and two USB 3.0 ports. The top panel pops off with a bit of force, giving access to the fan mounts and some additional cable routing options. One thing we had a bit of an issue with was the I/O cabling that is attached to the top panel getting pulled a bit when taking the panel off.

AZZA Storm6000W Ports

Moving to the left side of the Storm 6000, we are treated to a nice, full-sized tempered glass panel. This panel features a black border along all of its edges to help keep the internal framework of the case hidden; a small addition that goes a long way. This panel is held in place by four thumb screws, but in a slightly different manner than we have seen with other cases. AZZA’s method relies on the screws to keep the panel in place, as opposed to the frame of the case providing a post to rest on, which is then threaded with a screw to keep the panel in place.

AZZA Storm6000W TGSide

This makes removing and installing the panel a bit more difficult than other designs, and is definitely something to look out for when working with this case.

AZZA Storm6000W Left

The right side of the Storm 6000 is quite plain; just a plain white panel with two thumb screws keeping it in place.

AZZA Storm6000W Right

Moving to the back of the case we get a view of the small opening on the top panel that provides the most exhaust for the panel itself. This opening also serves as a handle for removing the top panel. Moving down we have a standard I/O shield opening and a mount for either a 140mm or 120mm fan. AZZA has included a non-LED 120mm fan for rear exhaust purposes. Eight standard add-in card slots are available, along with two vertical slots for mounting your videocard vertically. Unfortunately, no mounting bracket for this mounting orientation is included. The power supply opening allows for two mounting orientations; fan on top, or fan on bottom.

AZZA Storm6000W Rear

The base of the AZZA Storm 6000 is home to two plastic risers to lift the base of the case up from its surface. Unfortunately, there are no rubber feet on the risers, so the case is a bit more prone to sliding than if AZZA had included rubber feet. A large removable dust filter can slide out from the back of the case, and helps keep dust out of the powersupply. Four screws can be removed to allow the internal 3.5″ drive bay and power supply divider to be removed from the interior of the case. In this view we can also see the small opening at the bottom of the front panel. This serves as both an intake for the two included fans, as well as a grip for removing the front panel itself.

AZZA Storm6000W Bottom