AZZA Z Mini-ITX Case Review

The m-ITX craze is going on strong not just here in the United States but even more for Europe and Asia. These little X-Bomb sized cases hold mini- itx motherboards that have the same power that the big boys have but fit into tighter and smaller environments. this helps for people with limited space or just don’t want a huge computer tower in the living but still not sacrificing a powerful gaming experience. Not all of these cases are created equal and the case companies are still trying to come up with new innovation for these mini monsters to overtake the competition.

AZZA has been one of these companies in the case building business and for a while now and they have a following but the m-itx small form factor cases are new and still manufacturers are having a hard time getting the designs just right and the smaller the better for them but the simplicity of the build is an issue too. After all, some of these cases require a builder with a degree in mechanical engineering to put one together and there have been some winners and losers for this complex mini case dominance and some case companies have gone almost exclusively small form factor while others are just offering a choice of smaller cases to fill the gap between all the case form factors and designs. AZZA is following that latter plan.

This review looks at the AZZA Z m-itx Case model (CSAZ-103) and it’s priced at $59.99 to $79.00 US Dollars and can be obtained from online outlets and brick and mortar stores everywhere AZZA cases are sold.



The AZZA Z m-itx case model (CSAZ-103) is packaged in a very simple and lightweight manner. The box is not treated corrugated box and not very tear resistant either. The look of the box tells you that you are buying a much cheaper case that could be better but it’s not a bad case.
AZZA Z CSAZ-103 Front of case internals

With the case being as simple as any I have seen I only have to show the reader two sides of the case box, front and side, because the opposing sides are identical and it would be redundant to show all four sides when two will suffice.

AZZA Z CSAZ-103 side of box

Getting the case out of the box the AZZA Z m-ITX Case (CSAZ-103) is very tight but it is protected by a very thin layer of simple Styrofoam that is subject to cracks and breaks during shipping as most Styrofoam is. But I must admit that it did the job for our case because the AZZA Z made it to our destination fine and free of dent or dings. The secret to this success is the tightness of the box and packing of the case inside that I have to give AZZA credit for. If you are going to save money on packaging then making the packaging air tight around the case to keep it from being damaged is a great way to do it. Our case came with no damages at all but the box had some tears on the back, but it worked and that is what counts in the shipping game.

AZZA Z CSAZ-103 Syro and plastic covered

There is a layer of thin plastic that keeps the case safe from the wet and salty weather during shipping so even if your box was to get soggy on a rainy day on your front porch then the case would still be nice and dry for you when you open it up.

AZZA Z CSAZ-103 PCI Extention

Once you get through the mandatory cocoon of packing that every case must have, the case shows a nice black on green theme that looks a lot like a famous named video card maker’s that is obvious. So if the user is a fan of that brand of card and does not want or like to mod their case then this can be great case for that particular look and the AZZA Z m-ITX Case (CSAZ-103) with its black with green design scheme definitely gives the user that ready to start gaming look.

AZZA Z CSAZ-103 side of case

The front of the case is built with solid ABS plastic and is very thick and easy to take off and the AZZA Logo is done in a white almost military stencil font to give it that military government issue look.

AZZA Z CSAZ-103 Front of case

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