Tt eSPORTS Team DK Edition Gaming Peripherals Review

Thermaltake has consistently been a leader in delivering well made, high quality PC gaming peripherals with their Tt eSPORTS line of products. So it’s no surprise that they would partner up with one of the most well known DotA 2 teams, Team DK. The Team DK edition of these peripherals, offer the same great features and build quality we’ve come to expect from Tt eSPORTS devices, along with a unique color scheme and Team DK branding. Today we will be looking at the Knucker gaming keyboard, Saphira gaming mouse, Pyrrhus mouse pad, and the Chronos gaming headset. So let’s get started.

Special thanks to Tt eSPORTS for providing us with the Team DK Edition Gaming Peripherals to review.

The Team DK Edition packaging sports a bold white and red color scheme that absolutely excels at catching your eye. The packaging also does a great job of displaying the included product and showing off the matching red and white color scheme. Each box also provides full item specifications and standout features, and gives a bit of history behind Team DK along with their numerous rewards.

Tt eSPORTS Team DK Edition Gaming Peripherals