Chinese GPU miners Are Now Using GeForce RTX 30 Laptops to Mine Ethereum

The cryptocurrency has surged to a certain extent that now mining through laptops is also profitable.

Ethereum has tripled in value since November 2020 and it is the most popular crypto currency among the mining community. Many reports suggest that Chinese miners are lining up in front of NVIDIA board partner factories with the hope to get graphic cards in bulk. In fact, Some AIBs have even agreed to provide them with the cards, selling them directly gives a 1/3 more profit than selling through retailers plus the AIBs offer no or limited warranty.

Laptop Mining 2

In China, a new mining method is on the rise, which is the use of recently launched GeForce RTX 30 laptops for mining. Miners are purchasing huge amounts of laptops just to place on shelves and use them for mining. The RTX 3070 prices are high despite miners making a profit from mining. It is astonishing as to why NVIDIA has not imposed any restrictions and with the Chinese new year around the corner the laptops shortage issue will get worse.

Laptop Mining

A Bilibili content creator named, ‘Fish Pond F2pool’, posted a video demonstrating the ease with which the creator uses the RTX 3060 based laptop to mine Ethereum while enjoying his coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks miner 2

Two hours are required to mine 0.00053 ETH equating to 0.89 USD.

Via Videocardz