Old Commodore 64 Still Being Used To Run an Auto Shop In Poland

The Commodore 64 was a beast of a machine when it was released in 1982! With a CPU clocked at 1 MHz and 64 kilobytes of RAM. Who would think that 34 years later it would still be in operation running an auto body shop in Gdansk, Poland. Yes they use this Commodore 64 to run their daily operations! Pretty crazy considering smartphones are more powerful!


Apparently many small businesses around the world use old technology to run their businesses. Crazy to think about when most children these days have devices that are more powerful.

This Commodore 64 was posted on Commodore USA’s Facebook who said the following about it: This C64C used by a small auto repair shop for balancing driveshafts has been working non-stop for over 25 years! And despite surviving a flood it is still going…

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