Cooler Master MM831 Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master Master Mouse MM831 Overview

MM831 QI Wireless Charging.

The Cooler Master Master Mouse MM831 is a hybrid wireless mouse. This means it can run off 2.4 GHz wireless or Bluetooth wireless. You can also go the traditional way and run the MM831 connected through the included USB Type-C cable. The Master Mouse MM831 uses the PixArt PAW 3335 sensor with adjustable 32K DPI through MasterPlus+ Software. The MM831 has 16,7million color compatible with four RGB zones, including a ring of RGB lighting that circles most of the mouse. Like the DPI for the MM831, the RGB lighting is customizable through the MasterPlus+ Software. Not only can the mouse run wirelessly through Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless, but the MM831 can also charge through QI Wireless charging. So, with the Master Mouse MM831, you can eliminate cables all together if you chose.

On the right side of the Master Mouse MM831, there isn’t much to talk about aside from this is where the RGBring either starts or ends, depending on how you look at it. On the left side of the MM831, there are two programmable buttons. On the spot where your thumb sits, there is a soft-touch rubber pad that is very comfortable to keep your thumb on. You can also see that the RGB lighting stops at the backside of the second programmable button on the left side of the MM831.

MM831 front view

Looking at the Master Mouse MM831 from the front view, you see the USB Type-C port that connects the MM831 to your PC. Although the MM831 has two ways you can run it wirelessly, the included Type-C cable is essential if you plan to customize your mouse. In order to use the Master Plus+ software, the Master Mouse MM831 must be connected to your PC via the included USB Type-C cable.

Looking at the rear of the mouse, or the palm rest, there is a Cooler Master logo illuminated by RGB lighting. The palm rest on the Master Mouse MM831 is actually a cover to the storage area for the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle. For example, the Cougar Surpassion RX stores its dongle on the underside of the mouse. On the Surpassion RX, the 2.4 GHz dongle affixes to the mouse using a magnet, and not a very strong one. More than once I lost the dongle for the Surpassion RX in my laptop bag, then eventually, somewhere. However, on the MM831, the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle is stored safely under the palm rest of the mouse when it’s not in use.

The palm rest cover is attached to the mouse via four magnets. On the cover itself, there are four screws whos only purpose is to add metal to the cover,  for use with the magnets. The lighting under the Cooler Master logo on the palm rest is diffused, as is the skirt lighting that wraps around the mouse.  The diffused lighting looks great on the MM831 and I’m usually not a big fan of RGB lighting.

The Master Mouse MM831 has a soft touch rubber scroll wheel, with indents that resemble tire treads.  The scroll wheel on the MM831 has the same feel as the pad on the left side, where your thumb rests. The sides of the scroll wheel also have RGB lighting. When using the scroll wheel, the MM831 has more of a clicky scroll, as opposed to a continuous scroll. Personally, I prefer a clicky scroll over a continuous scroll any day.

Master Mouse MM831 DPI button.

Just under the scroll wheel on the Master Mouse MM831 is a button with three LED indicator lights above it. Although this button is programmable, its default setting allows you to scroll through five different DPI presets. Presets you can also customize in the MasterPlus+ software. Each of the five DPI profiles has a corresponding color to them. The default DPI settings are 400, 1200, 4000, 16000, and 32000 DPI.

Master Mouse MM831 underside

On the underside of the Master Mouse MM831, there are three glide pads. One large glide pad is near the front of the mouse and two at the rear of the mouse. In the center, we find the Pixart Paw 3335 gaming-grade sensor. To the right of the sensor is the pair button to pair the Master Mouse MM831 to your PC via Bluetooth.

To the left of the sensor on the Master Mouse MM831, there is a switch.  This switch has three spots and allows you to switch between Bluetooth, wired mode, and 2.4 GHz wireless. This, in my opinion, make the Master Mouse MM831 a great option for people running more than one machine, like say hardware reviewers.

MM831 Type-c cable

Although with its default settings, the Master Mouse MM831 can just be plugged in and used, there are a ton of customization options in the MasterPlus+ software. So, let’s get into the software.