Cooler Master MM831 Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master Master Mouse MM831 Software: MasterPlus+

Master Mouse MM831 charging

To customize the Master Mouse MM831, we use the Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software. An important note is that the Master Mouse MM831 has to be plugged in with the included USB Type-C cable. You can not customize the MM831 in either Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless modes.

Cooler Master masterPlus software_ buttons

The first section in the MasterPlus+ software for the Master Mouse MM831 is the Buttons menu. Here, you see a top-down image of the MM831 with all the buttons labeled. Clicking on one of these labels will open a drop-down menu, allowing you to remap each of the buttons on the MM831. There is an array of options for each button.  These options include disabling the button, remapping to another mouse button or keyboard key, multimedia keys, macros, custom profiles, DPI settings, rapid-fire settings, or even have that button toggle the sensor on or off.

Cooler Master MasterPlus software_ lighting

The Lighting section of the MasterPlus+ software allows you to customize the RGB lighting on your MasterMouse MM831. In the lighting menu, they show a top-down view and a left side view of the MM831. Under the images of the mouse, there is a color wheel, to the left followed by a spot to input different RGB codes to apply different colors to the MM831. There are seven preset colors and seven spots for custom colors. There is a bar that tells you the color you have applied to the mouse, as well as a brightness slider. To the right, there is a LED Mode menu with several different effects you can apply to the Master Mouse MM831. The full list of effects is below.

  • Static
  • Breathing
  • Spectrum Cycle
  • Rainbow Pulse
  • Rainbow EQ
  • Comet
  • Lightning
  • Sparkle
  • Police Light
  • Wildfire
  • Metronome
  • Music Pulse
  • Indicator
  • Custom
  • Turn Off

Cooler Master MasterPlus software_ performance

The next section in the MasterPlus+ software is the performance menu. Here, you can adjust the different DPI levels for the profiles on the Master Mouse MM831. The MasterPlus+ software allows you to adjust the DPI on both the X and Y-axis of the MM831. The performance menu is also where you adjust the polling rate of the MM831. The polling rate settings are 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1000 Hz. Also in the performance section of the MasterPlus+ software, you can enable or disable angle snapping on your Master Mouse MM831.  Angle snapping basically predicts when you’re about to draw a straight line. It then corrects slight mouse movements so it does go in a straight line. You can also set the lift-off distance to either high or low. Lift-off distance being how far you can lift up the mouse before the sensor no longer tracks your movement.

Cooler Master masterPlus software_ macros

The next section in the software for the master Mouse MM831 is the macro menu. Here, you can create custom commands that can be bound to one of the six remappable buttons on the master Mouse MM831. Once a macro is created, it will appear on the drop-down menus in the buttons section.

Cooler Master MasterPlus software_ profiles

The Profiles menu allows you to create custom profiles for your Master Mouse MM831. Once the profiles are created, they will be saved to the onboard memory on the Master Mouse MM831.  You can even map two of the buttons on the MM831 to scroll up or down through your saved profiles.

Cooler Master MasterPlus software_ wireless

The final section of the MasterPlus+ software is the wireless section. Here, you can adjust the wireless specific settings on your Master Mouse MM831. The wireless section of the MasterPlus+ software allows you to adjust the sleep mode timer from five minutes up to forty minutes, in intervals of five. You can also adjust the brightness of the RGB lighting, or even disable the LED right altogether. However, this will only disable the LED ring. Not the LEDs on the palm rest or scroll wheel.