Crucial X6 & X8 Portable Solid State Drives Review

Setup & Testing

There really is not much to do to get both of these drives up and running. Just plug them into your PC and Windows will automatically recognize them.

For testing we will be running the Crucial X6 & X8 against other portable solid state drives we have on hand so you can see the difference between the drives. For the tests below the X6 drive is on the left and the X8 is on the right. First up we have CrystalDiskMark.

As you can see for the X6 we have sequential speeds of 559.32 MB/s read and 339.76 MB/s write. The X8 had speeds of 1007.52 MB/s read and 974.79 MB/s write. Here is how those two drives compare to the other portable drives we’ve tested lately.

Next we run the the AJA System test. It tests different types of video formats and gives you throughput results for the drive. Our configuration was 4K RED HD footage, 1 GB test file size, and the 8bit YUV codec.

And those results compared to other drives.

Next up is the USB Flash Benchmark, which will transfer various different file sizes to the drive and record the transfer speeds.

We have also added the AS SSD Benchmark and ATTO Disk Benchmark to our portable storage testing.

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