CyberPower Zeus Thunder 2500 SE Ivy Bridge Gaming System Review

Final Thoughts
If you want a custom Ivy Bridge system there are a lot to choose from.  If you want a badass custom Ivy Bridge system that can play every game out there at the highest settings, can multitask like a monster, can handle pretty much everything you throw at it and looks awesome doing it then the Zeus Thunder 2500 SE from CyberPower is the system for you!

Let’s start with the components.  CyberPower has built this system with quality components, not low quality no-name products that you see in some other custom systems.  The system is filled with brands like Corsair, EVGA and Gigabyte to name a few.  Many of the products CyberPower has used we have actually reviewed and we know just how good they are.  I decided to see how much the system would cost if I wanted to build it myself.  I put all of the components into Newegg and I came up with a grand total of $1957.89.  This is above the $1899 price tag! And keep in mind Cyberpower is assembling, overclocking and installing the OS on this system for you.

The system came overclocked, which was a nice surprise.  Ivy Bridge overclocking is a bit tricky because of the fact that the chip can get pretty hot.  Cyberpower was able to take the i7-3770K from its stock 3.5GHz all the way up to 4.7GHz!  This is a 1.2GHz or 34% overclock.  Not only was this overclock stable with the installed water cooling system the CPU was quite cool.  Besides just the awesome cooling on the CPU CyberPower did keep many of the case fans installed to keep everything else nice and cool.  Another awesome thing about this system was the cable management.  All of the cables were hidden and out of the way.  This not only looks good, but helps with airflow.

When it comes down to it CyberPower has put together a great system for any gamer out there.  It can handle the latest games, you can do video editing on it, and of course it can do all of the basic tasks you would want.  CyberPower offers a 3 year warranty on the system, but I’m sure it is going to last you longer than that!  Overall ThinkComputers gives the CyberPower Zeus Thunder 2500 SE Gaming System a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

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– Lower cost than building it yourself
– Overclocked
– Quality components
– 3 year warranty

– None that I found

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