Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23 Is Now Available With Critical Fixes

Since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, users have faced many issues and CD Projekt RED has been consistently releasing to fix these issues. Today, CD Projekt RED has released a new update catering to a long list of issues.

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The update was announced on the official Twitter account and Cyberpunk 2077. It looks like patch 1.23 focuses on open world quests and missions which are played through the main story. The update covers a total of 17 missions where each mission has at least one fix.

AI and NPCs have done work on all three categories but you can view the list below to see what has been added.

The Heist

Fixed an issue where Jackie could go through glass.

Fixed an issue preventing some guards from attacking the player.

Fixed an issue where the “Search the Arasaka officer” objective could remain active after fulfilling it.

Fixed an issue where the mech didn’t spawn in the lobby.

Fixed an issue where some Arasaka guards could clip through the door.

Fixed an issue where some guards could spawn on player’s sight.

Fixed an issue where the Arasaka officer’s body could be unaccessible, making the player unable to loot the shard and blocking progression.

Down on the Street

Fixed an issue where there were no quest-related dialogue options when talking to Wakako.

The Pickup

Fixed an issue where one of the Maelstromers was T-posing.

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Moreover, the update also includes some random Xbox and PC-specific fixes to deal with isolated issues which you may have faced.


Fixed an issue where after killing an NPC and stealing their car, their body could get stuck in the car.

Adam Smasher will no longer receive damage during animations between his attack phases.

Fixed an issue where dropping a NPC’s body caused too much destruction.

Cataresist cyberware should now work properly.


Fixed Johnny’s spectral appearance in various quests.

Fixed various issues related to clipping in NPCs’ clothes.

Fixed appearance of rocks in the Badlands.

Stability and performance

Numerous crash fixes in animations, UI, scene, physics and gameplay systems.

Memory optimizations and memory management improvements in various systems (reducing the number of crashes).

Various console CPU optimizations.Memory and I/O improvement leading to fewer instances of NPCs with identical appearances spawning in the same area, and to improved streaming.

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Although the update has no major fixes, it is certainly a great move by CD Projekt RED. These updates will help recover their lost image.

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