Windows 11 Might Give Intel Hybrid CPU Architectures A Notable Performance Boost

The leaked Windows 11 ISO was the talk of the town during the previous week. Although the build had a lot of work remaining to be finalized, it revealed a lot of information on Microsoft’s new OS system.

Win11 WDDM3

The upcoming Windows 11 will share a lot more common attributes with Windows 10 than expected. The several Windows 10 references in the system files indicate that the leaked developer preview ISO is a couple of months old. The ISO also lacks the widgets, apps, or functionality that Windows 11 was expected to feature. Windows 11 will support WDDM 3.0, which was first introduced in Windows 10 Insider Preview “Cobalt.”

Fans were expecting the WDDM upgrade and Microsoft Store updates with the new Windows, but they have been eagerly waiting for the news of whether this new Windows edition will bring any changes or improvements for heterogeneous CPU architectures, like Intel’s upcoming 12th Gen Core Alder Lake series.

Geekbench Windows 11

Fans can rejoice as the leaked version provides a small improvement to the only hybrid-based Intel CPU series till now, the Lakefield. This low-power CPU series has only one big core and 4 ‘small’ cores. Intel will significantly increase the CPU core count with Alder Lake. This raised the question that will Intel favor similar designs in the future too?

As per the testing done by HotHardware, the Lakefield Core i7-L16G7 CPU has higher performance in the early Windows 11 build. The website states a 5.8% boost in multi-threaded Geekbench 5 score and a 2% improvement in single-thread.

GeekbenchR23 Windows 11

Significant improvements in single-core threaded tests with almost 8.2% increase are observed with the use of modern synthetic benchmark like the Cinbench R23 in, with nearly 8.2% performance uplift:

The testing tool PC Mark 10 likely offers scores similar to real-world testing as it tests various workloads simultaneously. Although Windows 10 has a solid lead in Digital Content Creation, Windows 11 lacks a dedicated driver till now. However, Windows 11 shows a performance increase in other tests.

PCMark Windows 11

Considering these performance improvements, anyone will expect the same response with Alder Lake, which will arrive later this year with Intel’s Hybrid Technology based on high-performance and high-efficiency cores. Alder Lake’s successor Raptor Lake and the rumored AMD Strix Point APU are also expected to feature the same technology.

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