DeepCool Assassin IV CPU Cooler Review

DeepCool has really made a name for themselves in the past couple of years. One of the main reasons for that is that they completely shifted their product designs to something that was more sleek and sophisticated. This new look made their products extremely attractive and if you teamed some of their products together you had a really good-looking cohesive system. Obviously you can only get so far with looks, but they’ve backed up their products up with good performance too! Today we are taking a look at their largest CPU cooler available, the Assassin IV. This massive CPU cooler is made for high-end CPU’s and features both 140mm and 120mm fans, a dual tower design with seven 6mm-thick heatpipes, and of course that sleek look we know DeepCool for! Let’s see if this cooler is going to be the king of air coolers!

Special thanks to DeepCool for providing is with the Assassin IV CPU Cooler to review.


deepcool assassin iv specs


Before we get into things, DeepCool does offer this cooler in both black and white versions. The distinction in product names is that the white version has “WH” in the product name, much like other white versions of their coolers. The black cooler is of course all black, while the white cooler is mostly white with the exception being the fan blades, which are grey. For this review we will be taking a look at the white version of the cooler.

DeepCool Assassin IV CPU Cooler

The Assassin IV comes in a large retail box. On the front we have a picture of the cooler. On the back there is a full list of specifications.

DeepCool Assassin IV CPU Cooler DeepCool Assassin IV CPU Cooler

Opening the box up inside you’ll find the Assassin IV cooler, all of your mounting hardware, long screw / hex driver, thermal paste, fan adapter, grease cleaner, and a user’s guide.

DeepCool Assassin IV CPU Cooler

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