ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack Review

Usage & Testing
Unfortunately I did not have a trip scheduled in the review window for this product, so I cannot truly test it in an airport setting, but I can still see how much stuff I can cram inside and how easy everything goes in.

Typically when I am packing for a trip I lay everything out on my bed and check things off a check list. So I did the same in this case.


What I have here is a week’s worth of clothes, which I guess is a lot for a carry-on, but I wanted to really see what all I could fit in here. Also I have all of my electronics which include my laptop, iPhone, Kindle Fire HD tablet, portable hard drive, two battery packs, mouse, headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speaker, portable power strip & adapter, and a few USB flash drives. Check out the video below to see how easy it was to get everything packed into the Pegasus.

So as you saw I was able to get quite a lot inside the Pegasus, probably more than most people would have inside this type of bag. Here are some photos of everything installed.

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack

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