EVO-G LB1 LAN Bag Review

The EVO-G LB1 LAN Bag is a very nice addition for those looking to carry their PCs to a LAN party, want to keep them protected and have less to carry along with them. While it doesn’t have the expandability of other case carrying devices it does keep the products secure inside of the bag. The LB1 is clearly made of quality material and I think would be a worthy addition for someone who travels with their PC often, even if it isn’t to LAN parties.

The only place that I could find the LB1 was in Europe for around 40 Euros or about $53 USD, which may seem a little high for a carrying bag. If you think you’re going to use this LAN Bag then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this, but if you’re someone who isn’t so sure you’ll use it and your gut is telling you not to purchase it, you’re probably right. Overall it’s a great product and much better than some of the Carrying cases that I’ve seen for LAN functions. ThinkComputers awards the EVO-G LB1 LAN Bag a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Quality material
– Plenty of external storage
– Easy to use
– Secures items very well

– Availability
– Doesn’t fit well with larger cases